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New products on the market

GfK: horticultural products are marketable in Hungary for four months

According to the datas of GfK Retail and Technology, the total revenue of horticultural products...

2014. 04. 24. 11:51

Koelnmesse: Discounted pre-registrations for the exhibition

Although it is only 2014, but the Koelnmesse is preparing for the next year. The...

2014. 04. 24. 11:50

Payments continue in the School Fruit Scheme

The Agricultural and Rural Development Agency (MVH) pays out 66.2 million HUF grants this week...

2014. 04. 24. 11:49

Spring award shower: Gold medals and recognition to the favorite vodka of the Finns

Recently, the world’s top distillates were competing at the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco....

2014. 04. 24. 11:30

Audi winner of the first Hungarian Randstad Award

Automotive turns out to be the most atttractive sector to work in, according to the...

2014. 04. 24. 10:57

One week, and one can loose the support on cash registers

Those traders, who claimed state support have one week, until 30 April to install their...

2014. 04. 23. 12:40

The fifth tobacconist application to be announced soon

The Nemzeti Dohánykereskedelmi Nonprofit Zrt. (National Tobacco Trade Non-profit Ltd.) will announce the fifth tender...

2014. 04. 23. 12:30

Bolyhos pálinka is being exported to Vietnam

The Bolyhos Pálinka Distillery exports its pálinkas to Vietnam. The...

2014. 04. 23. 11:18

Plant protection is important to all of us

The security of agricultural production includes the long-term maintenance of...

2014. 04. 23. 11:15

The revenues of McDonald’s have increased

The McDonald’s has reached a profit of 1.2 billion USD...

2014. 04. 23. 11:14

Slovakia: lower deficits induced lower VAT

The Slovak government deficit was favorable to last year, which...

2014. 04. 23. 11:13

Figyelem! Kiemelt és érdekes PR cikkeink

Dove: Szépségtapasz

Mi legyen a Mollal? Tartás? Eladás? Vétel?

Bennfentes: A .hu-t már nem tudod befoglalni

Legfrissebb tudósításunk az híreiből

More than 4,800 hectares of tobacco to be planted this year

The tobacco farmers will plant more than 4,800 hectares of tobacco...

2014. 04. 23. 11:13

The future of agriculture

Plants grown under laboratory conditions, mushrooms growing in sawdust, endless greenhouses:...

2014. 04. 23. 11:12

Trade between China and Africa brakes records

The trade volume between China and Africa in 2013 was 210.2...

2014. 04. 23. 11:10

Aktuális MNB deviza árfolyamok

Valuta Árfolyamok Valuta Árfolyamok Valuta Árfolyamok Valuta Árfolyamok

GKI-Erste economic sentiment index continued to rise in April

In April the GKI-Erste economic sentiment index adjusted for seasonal effects...

2014. 04. 23. 10:32

Science for the benefit of plants

TERRAGRO Trade Kft. announced at a press conference that soil-specific bacteria...

2014. 04. 23. 09:41

Hair category trends

Since hair styling and dying can be a burden on hair,...

2014. 04. 23. 09:10

NGM: the real wage growth helps the revival of consumption

The real earnings increased by 6.8 percent in February, by excluding...

2014. 04. 22. 12:00


Menu a’la Chez Daniel – Video of the day


The Spring 2014 Tasting Menu at Daniel Boulud’s NYC restaurant, Daniel Price: $220 Canape:...

Who licks off the tax – Picture of the day

Ki nyalja el az adot - A nap kepe

“The best way to teach your child about taxes is by eating 30% of...


Magazine: Budapest–Stockholm(–Lyon?)

Bocuse d’Or Hungarian Selection, the final of the international chef competition’s Hungarian leg took...

Menu a’la Chez Daniel – Video of the day

The Spring 2014 Tasting Menu at Daniel Boulud’s NYC restaurant, Daniel Price: $220 Canape:...

SIRHA Budapest 2014: new content in a new form

A tradition has begun: between 10 and 12 March 2014 Hungexpo was the venue...

A four-star hotel and a camping was built in Celldömölk

The four-star hotel and the camping can be found in the immediate vicinity of...

Who licks off the tax – Picture of the day

“The best way to teach your child about taxes is by eating 30% of...


The food supply chain surveillance fee must be paid until 31 May

Deadline for return of the food supply chain surveillance fee is 31 May 2014...

2014. 04. 22. 11:50

The Zsindelyes is Hungary’s most successful commercial distillery

It is thirty years now, that the Zsindelyes Pálinka Distillery chose quality pálinka distilling....

2014. 04. 22. 11:40
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