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New products on the market

A record corn crop is expected in Tolna county

The highest average of the last six years, 8-9 tons per hectares corn crop is...

2014. 10. 30. 11:44

The economic sentiment of the EU and the euro zone improved

Economic sentiment improved in October in the EU28 and the euro zone as well –...

2014. 10. 30. 11:40

The recently formed Hungarian Cash Registers Association proposing tenable deadlines

According to the Hungarian Cash Registers Association, the online cash register system creates equality between...

2014. 10. 30. 11:35

Metsä Board shows paperboards for packaging with premium presence at Luxe Pack Monaco

At Luxe Pack Monaco 2014 Metsä Board showed its extensive portfolio of lightweight packaging boards...

2014. 10. 30. 11:30

AMC starts in Hungary on 5 November with exclusive series premieres

The AMC TV channel debuts in Hungary on 5 November. One of the most popular...

2014. 10. 30. 11:24

Downtown Gastro Mall opens on Friday in Budapest and lasts for four-month

In the scope of the Belvárosi Gasztrosétány (Downtown Gastro Mall) program series focus on Hungarian...

2014. 10. 30. 11:22

Fungal infection-resistant wheat and corn varieties are bred in Szeged

The experts of the Gabonakutató Nonprofit Kft. are working on the breeding of Fungal infection-resistant...

2014. 10. 30. 11:05

More pigs

According to the latest data, the negative trend of former...

2014. 10. 30. 09:46

Iran starts exporting egg to Russia

The latest report of the Agricultural Economics Research Institute (AKI)...

2014. 10. 30. 08:49

KSH: August retail sales rose by 2.5 percent

In August, the volume of retail sales by 2.5 percent...

2014. 10. 29. 12:30

The Hungarian consumer confidence index remained stable in the third quarter

In Hungary, the Nielsen Consumer Confidence Index reached the record...

2014. 10. 29. 11:54

Figyelem! Kiemelt és érdekes PR cikkeink

Business Days 2014, ízelítő

Interjú Benedek Tiborral

további interjúk a "Rendezvények" menűpontban találhatóak

Business Days 2014 összefoglaló

Legfrissebb tudósításunk az híreiből

NÉBIH: report on the last months

Zsigó Róbert Minsiterof State responsible for food chain surveillance spoke at...

2014. 10. 29. 11:50

The dm drugstore chain achieved record sales growth this year

The dm drogerie markt had a successful business year again.. The...

2014. 10. 29. 11:25

The changing of image at Nádudvari

The Nádudvari Élelmiszer Kft. is going through an image change: the...

2014. 10. 29. 11:22

Aktuális MNB deviza árfolyamok

Valuta Árfolyamok Valuta Árfolyamok Valuta Árfolyamok Valuta Árfolyamok

Family, care … NIVEA!

A little indulgence is good at any time but the inthe...

2014. 10. 29. 11:20

Strategic collaboration between Samsung and Simple

The Samsung and Simple announced a co-operation within the framework of...

2014. 10. 29. 11:20

Bluetongue virus at thirteen farms in Csongrád County

The signs of the bluetongue virus was detected in case of...

2014. 10. 29. 10:58



Madrid’s three Michelin-starred DiverXO – Video of the day

Here’s an incredibly dramatic, somewhat creepy short film from Madrid’s three Michelin-starred DiverXO. It...


The first cinema with bed opens in November In Hungary

A wing of the Buda Entertainment & Gastro opens in November 2014, where a...

Madrid’s three Michelin-starred DiverXO – Video of the day

Here’s an incredibly dramatic, somewhat creepy short film from Madrid’s three Michelin-starred DiverXO. It...

The new Paulaner Beerhouse was opened

Open kitchen, traditional Bavarian foods and authentic Oktoberfest atmosphere welcomes everyone to the new...


Healthy produce from small gardens to the table

Microbiological solutions specialist Hungary Kft., the Agricultural and Rural Youth Association (AGRYA) and...

2014. 10. 29. 10:42

Wheat’s average procurement price was down in August but barley’s price increased

At the end of August the Magro Grains Index (MGX) was at 10,140.6 points,...

2014. 10. 29. 09:45
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