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Plant inaugural at Univer: build on Hungarian tomatoes

The Univer Product Zrt. tripled its former 25,000 tonnes of raw tomato-processing capacity with a...

2014. 09. 18. 11:38

Coca-Cola HBC: sustainability in the forefront

The Coca-Cola HBC that has a regional producer base in Hungary reached the first place...

2014. 09. 18. 11:35

Pencil cases and dog drinkers may be produced of potato chip bag

More salty snack packaging canm start a new life in the join program of Chio...

2014. 09. 18. 11:26

Nestlé creates 100,000 jobs in Europe with its business partners

Nestlé, as the part of the European Initiative for Youth Employment provided more than 150...

2014. 09. 18. 11:25

Exclusive French wine offer in the Lidl

Lidl continues to broaden the offer of products with high quality. The company’s aim is...

2014. 09. 18. 11:25

Internet Hungary: the digital industrial revolution rewires our world

Due to the large scale development of the Internet so far unthinkable changes taking place....

2014. 09. 18. 11:24

The Kalocsai Paprika Festival will be held for the twenty-fifth time

The twenty-fifth Kalocsai Paprika Festival will be held during the weekend – Török Ferenc (Fidesz-KDNP)...

2014. 09. 18. 11:23

More than fifty programs at the vintage days in Szekszárd

More than fifty programs, concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances, and almost...

2014. 09. 18. 11:22

Gloss and care – not only for the ladies

In the lip care category Creative World Kft. put two...

2014. 09. 18. 09:05

Changing weight of store types

The six-month market of general cleaners is between HUF 5...

2014. 09. 18. 09:00

Savings Bank: the GDP growth may be 3.5 percent this year and 2.9 percent in 2015

The analysts of the Savings Bank increased the expected GDP...

2014. 09. 17. 12:00

Figyelem! Kiemelt és érdekes PR cikkeink

Business Days 2014 felvezető

Juliális 2014

A magyar államkötvény hozamok megint eshetnek

A mai nap a GDP adatok napja Európában

Legfrissebb tudósításunk az híreiből

Apple consumption promotional campaign has been launched

This year a record harvest is expected of apples. The sales...

2014. 09. 17. 11:59

GKI: Procurement? Innovatively?

The essence of the phenomenon that is called European paradox is...

2014. 09. 17. 11:55

The Russian embargo may cause chain debts in the Hungarian food industry

The Hungarian food companies are already vulnerable, because of the significant...

2014. 09. 17. 11:48

Aktuális MNB deviza árfolyamok

Valuta Árfolyamok Valuta Árfolyamok Valuta Árfolyamok Valuta Árfolyamok

Czerván: we must prepare for new global challenges in crop production

Thanks to the world-class Hungarian agricultural research,. Hungary is at the...

2014. 09. 17. 11:40

The Ingenico Group presented its payment solution designed for vending machines in Hungary

The Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346-ING), the the global market leader for...

2014. 09. 17. 11:26

A Hungarian merchant house opens in Rio de Janeiro

The first Hungarian merchant house opens in South America in Rio...

2014. 09. 17. 11:25

Eucerin: extremely sensitive skin is no longer a problem

The new products of Eucerin® provide immediate and effective solution and...

2014. 09. 17. 11:21



The East in the West – Video of the day

Uncle Boons in NoLIta turns out fresh and dynamic Thai flavors hot enough to...


Magazine: Back in the first division

We have heard little about Pajzos-Megyer Winery recently but earlier the winery was voted...

The East in the West – Video of the day

Uncle Boons in NoLIta turns out fresh and dynamic Thai flavors hot enough to...

Magazine: A new premium winefamily

It was three years ago that a team of young experts started a new...


Tax frauds declined in the Romanian bakery industry due to reduced VAT

According to the datas of the Romanian bakery producers tax frauds declined by about...

2014. 09. 17. 11:20

Top level cleaning

According to Dalma Kiss, trade marketing manager of Unilever, sales in the chemical cleaner...

2014. 09. 17. 10:01
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