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New products on the market

The first quarter increase in the Central European EU economies may be over 3 percent

The annual GDP growth of the Central European EU-economies has reached and probably exceeded the...

2014. 04. 17. 12:06

GM pollen in honey may remain unnoticed

The European Parliament adopted the proposal on Wednesday, in which the pollen is determined as...

2014. 04. 17. 12:04

Italian design award: The chocoMe is among the winners of the world’s most renowned design competition

The chocoMe, the manufacturer of the special Hungarian handmade chocolates introduced its new product line,...

2014. 04. 17. 12:00

Credit card payment can also clear the economy

With the support of card acceptance, the trade could be whitened even more securely, than...

2014. 04. 17. 11:59

Fish production in Hungary may increase two to three percent this year

Fish production in Hungary may increase two to three percent this year, which was 23,000...

2014. 04. 17. 11:58

The European Parliament voted to ban non-native, aggressive species

The European Parliament voted the proposal on Wednesday that aims to ban and reduce non...

2014. 04. 17. 11:57

VM: 144 million HUF support for the promoters of the Hungarian national values

A total of 113 promoters won 144 million HUF on the tender, that aims to...

2014. 04. 17. 11:56

Danone’s sales growth slowed down

The French Danone reached a bit more than five billion...

2014. 04. 17. 11:52

45 thousand packs of smuggled cigarettes were seized in Beregsurány

The finance officers seized thirty-six million HUF worth smuggled cigarettes...

2014. 04. 17. 11:00

Well-known faces in the new campaign of UNICEF

The talented team of Café Next has won the trust...

2014. 04. 17. 10:55

Kőröstej concludes deals at the Hungarian-Arab Business Forum

At the end of March dairy group Kőröstej negotiated with...

2014. 04. 17. 09:52

Figyelem! Kiemelt és érdekes PR cikkeink

Dove: Szépségtapasz

Az Alibaba tőzsdére lépése javíthatja a Yahoo megítélését

Az állam lenyomja a bankbetéteket

Legfrissebb tudósításunk az híreiből

Easter: the Hungarian families are looking for the guaranteed quality of the well-known brands from sweets

Four out of ten Hungarian families buy chocolates and candies during...

2014. 04. 16. 12:50

Tobacconists can bring one billion HUF in revenue

Tobacconists can bring one billion HUF annual revenue to NDN Zrt.,...

2014. 04. 16. 12:20

The European Parliament would indicate the place of origin on every products

Instead of the current voluntary practice, the place of origin should...

2014. 04. 16. 12:05

Aktuális MNB deviza árfolyamok

Valuta Árfolyamok Valuta Árfolyamok Valuta Árfolyamok Valuta Árfolyamok

The Tesco offers the products of nearly 1,500 Hungarian companies

The Tesco PLC announced its results today for the 2013/14 financial...

2014. 04. 16. 12:04

Easter holidays in the SPAR stores

The four hundred stores of the SPAR network await the customers...

2014. 04. 16. 12:02

Tesco Teenage Chef School Battle: Cook the school for the win!

Tesco has launched its Tesco Teenage Chef School Battle program, aims...

2014. 04. 16. 12:00

A Czech company buys the Hungarian sunflower oil manufacturer

The Czech Agrofert Holding owned by Andrej Babis, the Czech Minister...

2014. 04. 16. 11:58


The sashimi made by itself – Video of the day

cked deep inside the Eliot Hotel in fashionable Back Bay, Uni features a full...

Old City Coffee in Philadelphia – Picture of the day

Old City Coffee kavezo Philadelphia - A nap kepe 1

Here is the Instagram and the regular version of the cozy Old City Coffee...


Hotels near the Lake Balaton expect full house

Hotels open year-round near the Lake Balaton expect full house in case of good...

How do the olives get filled?

Before the industrial revolution it was done by hand labor. After the invention of...

HITA supports HEINEKEN’s investments in export capacity

HEINEKEN Hungária Breweries and the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA) signed a cooperation...

Magazine: Barista championship

SCAE’s Hungarian branch organised the 10th Barista Championship at SIRHA Budapest. The best baristas...

The sashimi made by itself – Video of the day

cked deep inside the Eliot Hotel in fashionable Back Bay, Uni features a full...


Hungary is in the middle field in whiskey consumption

In India a close to one and a half billion liters of whiskey was...

2014. 04. 16. 11:55

Dm’s Alverde cosmetic product family is celebrating its 25th birthday

The dm offers the affordable, high-quality natural cosmetics brand, the Alverde to its customers...

2014. 04. 16. 11:52

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