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New products on the market

Russia is limiting the importation of another animal products

In addition to the import ban of the secondary beef products Moscow prohibits the importation...

2014. 10. 21. 11:31

The Puskás beer soon to be introduced

The Puskás beer named after the legendary Puskás Ferenc will be available in the stores...

2014. 10. 21. 11:31

Rising cocoa prices, reducing production volume

The cyclic changes in the price of cocoa are serious threats to the West African...

2014. 10. 21. 11:30

The NAV struck in Békés

The finance inspectors of the National Tax and Customs Authority (NAV) seized four illegal distillery...

2014. 10. 21. 11:20

The NÉBIH is increasingly investigating the autumn seasonal products

The National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH) highly examines the quality and traceability of autumn...

2014. 10. 20. 12:00

4.145 billion euros for rural development program in Hungary

4.145 billion euros – more than 1200 billion HUF will be available in the scope...

2014. 10. 20. 11:55

The iData Kft. has become the Intelligent Company of the Year

Eighteen companies have measured the intelligence of their employees in the Intelligent Company of the...

2014. 10. 20. 11:53

The art of tea making with the Catler TM 8010

Imagine that you wake up for the smell of your...

2014. 10. 20. 11:35

Hungarian food products at the Sunday starting exhibition in Paris

Hungary’s food industry will be present at the world’s most...

2014. 10. 20. 11:30

NGM: No obstacles to organize Advent fairs

Thanks to two government amendments to fairs can be held...

2014. 10. 20. 11:22

The Kelet-Mecsek Mezőgazdasági Kft. bought a new product dryer

The Kelet-Mecsek Mezőgazdasági Kft. handed over its new product dryer...

2014. 10. 20. 10:40

Figyelem! Kiemelt és érdekes PR cikkeink

Business Days 2014 összefoglaló

Legfrissebb tudósításunk az híreiből

The NAV seized a considerable amount of cigarettes and tobacco in Borsod

Two thousand five hundred boxes of contraband, mainly Ukrainian cigarettes and...

2014. 10. 20. 10:37

The record truffle was exhibited at the Hungarian Agricultural Museum

Hungary’s largest truffle was transported to the Hungarian Agricultural Museum. The...

2014. 10. 20. 10:36

New product from lemon juice maker Olympos

Tea market trends influence lemon juice sales too. According to Vilmos...

2014. 10. 20. 10:16

Aktuális MNB deviza árfolyamok

Valuta Árfolyamok Valuta Árfolyamok Valuta Árfolyamok Valuta Árfolyamok

Magazine: Fruitier tea market

After the continuous expansion of recent years 2013 brought the market...

2014. 10. 17. 12:43

EU proceeding was initated in the case of the “pretended” land contracts

The European Commission launched infringement proceedings on Thursday, due to the...

2014. 10. 17. 11:55

Bonbonetti for diverse and balanced nutrition!

In the spirit of sport and the health Bonbonetti now also...

2014. 10. 17. 11:30

Nestlé operation: 500 days without an accident

On September 14, 2014, the FM and the Nestle celebrated the...

2014. 10. 17. 11:26


The Artisjus would reduce the catering music royalties

The Artisjus would significantly reduce the music royalties paid by the restaurants with an...

A weid alcohol

Alcohol and driving definitely don’t mix, but those most in need of having their...

It’s hight time!

Chances are, you have a backyard grill, or at the very least a grill...


Pick: Although the mothers did not expect thanks for care, they deserve it

Care has an important role and it is an undisputed fact that the mother,...

2014. 10. 17. 11:25

Christmas wrapped up

Christmas tree decorated with florentine biscuits, Christmas star caramelized with almond crumbs – these...

2014. 10. 17. 11:25
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