New products on the market

According to the research of UPS, the European e-shoppers want flexibility

Today, comScore Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, and UPS, a global leader...

2015. 03. 04. 11:38

Russia bans Hungary’s poultry meat import temporarily

Russia temporarily banned imports of poultry meat and poultry products heat-treated at a temperature lower...

2015. 03. 04. 11:35

MasterCard and Samsung delivered the Samsung Pay

Samsung and MasterCard Pay presented the Samsung Pay mobile payment service that enables MasterCard cardholders...

2015. 03. 04. 11:20

The range of entrepreneurs who should use online cash registers is expanding

The new Sam4s NR-240 online cash register distributed by the Pénztárgépcentrum received the approval of...

2015. 03. 04. 11:15

Hungarian scientists developed an anti-counterfeiting technology

Hungarian scientists developed a unique product identification technology. Due to the scientific development, the manufacturer...

2015. 03. 04. 11:14

Recycled Paper World Day: Tetra Pak helps with paper products

The Tetra Pak donated one million HUF worth hand towels and medical paper sheets to...

2015. 03. 04. 11:13

Last-minute skin firming under the shower

The new NIVEA Q10Plus Skin Firming Body Lotion is the first NIVEA shower body lotion...

2015. 03. 04. 11:12

Henkel delivers on 2014 financial targets Good performance in a cha

Sales rise 0.4% to 16,428 million euros (organic: +3.4%) Operating...

2015. 03. 04. 10:55

Online retail takes a smaller bite off the cake?

The Digital Life Design (DLD) conference was organised in Munich...

2015. 03. 04. 09:42

Walmart continues expansion

Walmart, the world’s biggest retailer keeps implementing its original strategy...

2015. 03. 04. 09:40

Generation Y is now history, here comes Generation Z

According to an expert at AdAge, the so-called Generation Z...

2015. 03. 04. 09:37

Figyelem! Kiemelt és érdekes PR cikkeink

Nitro Circus Moto Mayhem 2015. június 14., Groupama Aréna

Nagy zűröket hozhat a vasárnapi zárva tartás


Legfrissebb tudósításunk az Onlinekassza.hu híreiből

Domestic advertising spendings increased by nearly eight percent last year

Last year’s 189.05 billion HUF domestic advertising spendings exceeds the data...

2015. 03. 03. 11:50

Magazine: Consumer confidence record – but with worries in the background

Ingo Schier, Nielsen’s director in Germany, told to trade magazine Lebensmittel...

2015. 03. 03. 11:49

Advertising cake: the total press media market revenue became 100.416 billion HUF in 2014

The press market revenues of 2014 were published. The press media...

2015. 03. 03. 11:41

The excise fuse for alcohol products to be decreased to twenty million HUF

The excise fuse for alcohol products will be decreased to twenty...

2015. 03. 03. 11:40

The government considers to introduce a 3-5 percent tax on advertising

The government is considering to introduce a 3-5 percent tax on...

2015. 03. 03. 11:40

An increase in the domestic direct and interactive marketing market

The Direct and Interactive Marketing Association (DIMSZ) published its report on...

2015. 03. 03. 11:39

The Spring cereal seed price forecast was published

The Seed Association Interprofessional Organization and Marketing Board has announced this...

2015. 03. 03. 11:23



But where is a piece of my chocolate – Video of the day

De hova tunt egy kocka a csokolademrol - A nap videoja

How it works? Can I have found an infinite chocolate source? Even more, I’ve...

These artists are not starving – Picture of the day

Nem ehezo muveszek - A nap kepe 10

The artists were given words to play off—functional ones like “dunk” and “twist,” as...


The world’s largest tourism trade fair was opened in Berlin

The ITB (short for Internationale Tourismus Börse) covers all aspects of travel and tourism:...

The changes in the tax law discouraged companies from the cafeteria

After the tax law changes were published, only 42 percent of the domestic SMEs...

These artists are not starving – Picture of the day

The artists were given words to play off—functional ones like “dunk” and “twist,” as...

But where is a piece of my chocolate – Video of the day

How it works? Can I have found an infinite chocolate source? Even more, I’ve...

A weird, unexplainable beer-can – Picture of the day

It is quite an odd set indeed, with built in promotion.


Hungary’s largest dm store was re-opened after a complete renovation

The dm store situated at the introductory section of the M1 / M7 motorways...

2015. 03. 03. 11:18

A Rossmann drugstore was opened in Csepel

The first Rossmann drugstore of Csepel opened its doors on Monday. On the occasion...

2015. 03. 03. 11:18




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